Thanksgiving Gratitude

How are you doing with your Gratitude Challenge? If you missed that post and aren’t sure what I’m speaking of, feel free to go back and read it now. If you just haven’t gotten around to it, I understand. It’s hard to add more things to our day and form new habits. I encourage you to try now. Maybe even instead of reading the rest of this post, take a few minutes and write down the things that come to mind that have brought you joy and gratitude this month. Here’s a few things from my own list.

two cups of coffee in one morning

the air in my lungs and the earth I walk on

blooming blue flowers among the dirt and dull brown leaves

finishing a good mystery book

a long trip with no responsibility or meals to prepare

friends who understand and don’t judge

brussels sprouts (yes, really, I LOVE them)

affectionate kitten

a warm fire on a blustery cold day

the ability to provide food and shelter to my family on Thanksgiving

I hope you are all having a delightful Thanksgiving today. I pray you are surrounded by blessings. Jot a line below and share a few of the things you are grateful for.

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About orthodoxmom3

I am an Orthodox Christian wife and a mother of three that is loving the life God has given me. I wear many, many hats in this life including Christian, wife, mother, reader, writer, teacher, homeschool advocate, cook and so many more. I love to write about my faith, positive mindset, gratitude, homeschooling and more. See my About Page for more information and follow The Many Hats of an Orthodox Mom
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6 Responses to Thanksgiving Gratitude

  1. Brenda says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you and your family have a great day.

    I’ve not managed to record in my gratitude journal every day but it has been interesting how taking time to.consider gratitude changes perceptions. With that in mind, I’m grateful to you for the prompt, I’m grateful for Autumn. I love this season and I’m grateful that I can see the change of seasons, the colours, feel the crispness in the morning air and the crunch of the fallen leaves under my feet. I’m grateful that my husband retired at the right time and were financially secure and able to help family who are struggling. I’m grateful for mu blog, for the opportunity to develop my skills and grateful to the readers who find some stuff interesting and helpful.

    Sorry I could go on forever, but I’ll stop there 😁 see what you started

    • orthodoxmom3 says:

      I’ve not managed it myself every day but I try to catch up here and there. Today we will start reading the notes we put in our family gratitude jar. I’m eager to see what everyone wrote. Glad to know you are not struggling. Standing at the checkout line, I’m always grateful that right now we can do this…but I think about relatives and friends and others who were already struggling and my heart aches. So grateful that I can still look at the beauty around me and have friends that help me do that. Thanks for the message. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I’m grateful my wife and I get to visit my older brother for Thanksgiving this year. It’s been three years since we sat down at the table together. COVID, and other things, have kept us apart too long! Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well, OM–that’s short of orthodox mom.☺️

  3. IN addition to my loving family and friends, I am grateful for WordPress, it has blessed my life in so many ways. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤ ❤

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